The Winter of Our Discontent

I have just watched the film Demographic Winter.  The viewing has prompted me to make a couple of observations.

It is obvious that, if verifiable, these statistics are deeply troubling.  Everyone needs to see this movie and we need to see independent verification of the data.  That being said….

I was chagrined by the amazement that there is a God, that He spoke the truth, and that the truth produces certain measurable results in the “real” world.  No one is amazed when they drop a rock and it falls to the ground.  No one is amazed when heat rises.  But, those interviewed in the film seemed astounded that there could be revealed truth and that the truth is not cultural or relative.  Could it be possible that those crazy Christians had been telling the truth all along?

Christians seem entirely too ready to make common cause with former enemies.  Several atheists and non-believers, loudly protesting that they were not making any statement about morality, touted biblically-based solutions to the impending demographic disaster.  Believers seem ready to flock to these “scientists” who can give hard evidence, demographic proof, to something that we all knew was true since we were children.  One has to ask if God wants us to throw in our lot with those who do not believe in our Christ, but now see the “demographic evidence,” the handwriting on the wall, and want to garner the support of the church.

Several examples from Scripture come to mind.  Simon (Acts Ch. Eight) saw the results of the prayers of Peter and John.  When the apostles prayed for people, the Holy Spirit fell upon the recipients of their prayers.  Simon had empirical proof of the work of God, but he did not have faith.  Peter told him: “You can have no part in this, for your heart is not right before God.”  The seven sons of the Jewish chief priest, Sceva, had seen Paul cast out demons.  They could see and verify the results.  But when these unbelievers attempted to use the power of God without personal faith, “they fled out of that house naked and wounded.”  Tertullian once told the heretics to stop using the Bible to buttress their atheistic arguments.

Is it so surprising that the one man-one woman union that God instituted should produce the strongest children?  Is it so surprising to us that lesbian couples raise children that are less than fully balanced?  Why do statistics make us believe what should be obvious to just about any educated person?

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